Linda Tickins,

Broker of Record

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My philosophy in real estate is the same as my philosophy in life: Honesty, integrity, and loyalty. I always put the needs of my clients first. I believe this, along with my wealth of knowledge and experience, are the reasons people have put their trust in me for 35 years.

I have lived and worked in Toronto’s West End all my life, which has entitled me to some very fond memories. I remember when there was a Bloor-Jane streetcar terminal. And I remember Steinberg’s Grocery, skating at Central Arena and tobogganing at Humber Valley Park. This is a community where traditions provide comfort to homeowners and businesses alike: many who, like me, have stayed for years.

Toronto areas including homes, townhomes and condos in The Kingsway, Sunnylea, Humber Valley Village, Edenbridge, Islington, Princess Anne Manor, Princess Gardens, Markland Wood, Old Mill-Baby Point, Bloor West Village, High Park, Roncesvalles, the Junction, Little Portugal, Little Italy, Trinity Bellwoods, and Mississauga.


The Max Ward School of Customer Service

I have been promoting home ownership in this city for almost 35 years. Prior to that I was a flight attendant with Wardair Canada. For those who are familiar I need only say the words “steak and champagne.” For those who are not…Google it!

Even today, Wardair Canada remains a textbook example of superior customer service, just as I remain committed to providing superior customer service to my clients, and to my community. It’s fundamental.

My Inspiration: My Family

My mom was a businesswoman in her own right. She raised five girls (known to everyone as the Tickins girls) and ran a household that never stopped, in the days when dishwashers were rare and everything was ironed. Parties prevailed at our home. She never said no. I can’t give her enough credit. Her mom owned a successful tailoring and needlework shop on Queen Street. I still have some of her hand-made aprons and I cherish them. Her dad was Mr. Mom–how ahead of your time can you be?!

My dad is a successful entrepreneur.  He is the owner of a leading punch and die company. He is still actively involved in the business and he is the best salesperson I know. His dad owned a fruit and vegetable store in The Junction and worked every day until he was 90. My grandmother put her money into real estate, buying houses in Bloor West Village and renting them out.

I have been fortunate enough to grow my business into a small team, mostly consisting of family. One of the great things about this is that I can be myself with them, which lends to the ease of getting things done. This is a fast-paced business, things are happening at all times of the day, so having a flexible team that I know well allows us to do the best job. Our business is built on a solid reputation. We stand behind our service.